Voice Call

Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile/Landphone numbers anywhere in Sri Lanka and around the globe, with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. It is totally automated system that does not require operators or dialer Interference.
Once the system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list through the user-friendly interface that we provide in our online panel the system will start calling the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message.

Mobile Marketing

Organizations can use voice call services to market and promote their products and services to customers. Whether the company has released new products or create awareness of the same products to a target audience. Organizations around the world need to come up with the right message and record. The promotional message can then be sent to a thousand of recipients at once and they all receive it instantly.

Bulk SMS

There is no doubt, that Bulk SMS as becoming a modernized way of disseminating information, services, and products to a larger audience at the same time. Bulk SMS service is a set of roles or practices that enhance small and large organization to engage their target audience in a more communicative way. This interactive communication is done through a mobile line. A record has shown that message send through this channel is guaranteed to be read than other venues. The importance of bulk SMS over other types of message marketing is the high level of engagement that follows it. Bulk SMS is a target and personalized an oriented promotional strategy to stimulate growth and engagement in your business. Bulk SMS is also referred to as Voice call service, it is an advanced communication technology that delivers the recorded voice message to multiple numbers of individuals through a mobile device within a short period of time

One of the effectiveness or the reason why you need voice SMS message service is that it enhances easy mobile campaigns across the body. That is, with the help of your SMS provider you can send and execute mobile campaigns at any time. This process can be done within two seconds, depending on how fast your service provider is.

It easy to perform

With the help of our voice SMS service, distance is no longer a barrier to reach your target audience. It is also imperative to use our service so as to enable your messages to be delivered at the right time and to the right recipient, irrespective of their geographical location. Lakpromo offer a global reach of 900 networks over 210 countries around the world. This gives rise to a massive business global opportunity for business owners.

It creates an avenue for global clients

Voice calls are also used in lead generations in internet marketing where businesses seek to attract several potential customers to visit their sites. This is imperative because it helps to make an important announcement to the right number of people this is the right platform for such.

It Promotes Lead Generation and Announcements

Lakpromo offers you an affordable price model for voice SMS service render. There is an attractive pricing model if you use our services. Also, Voice SMS service gives you an ample opportunity to choose a flexible package that is suitable for your business growth per time. Also, the lower the numbers you are messaging to lower the cost. It gives business owners, most especially a newbie to plan and strategize the most effective way to reach the audience.

It is affordable

As we know, campaigns are usually very expensive as those vying for various positions have to travel from one region to another but with this platform, various individuals receive the message without spending so much, indeed it is affordable compared to other modes of the campaign.

Cheap Voice Campaigns On Election matters

The Voice messaging system is unique in such a way that, it does not condition your business to be in a particular location. It motivates and advances global business diversification. It enables us to reach large number of people globally. Message gets to the recipient at a stipulated time, irrespective of where they are. Indeed it breaks the business geographical barrier.

Business Distribution

Voice messaging helps to stimulate fundraising agenda. People or companies that are seeking to raise funds for whatever purpose, can use this platform to send voice messages to many people at ago urging them to help raise funds for the given cause.

It enhances Fundraising

The messages can also be used to send reminders to particular individuals such as those under medication to remind them that they need to take their medicines at a particular time. Notifications and reminder can also be sent using this platform. That is, it helps to remind people about an important event.

Reminders and Notifications

Voice messages can be used in a wide range of purposes from product information, political campaigns, promotion of services, greeting message, wedding invitations, grand opening events and many more.

It attracts multi-purpose use

The Perfect Voice SMS Service Provider To Use

If you desire to reach a larger audience or customer around the globe, it is imperative to choose and select the right, and affordable bulk SMS provider. There is no doubt that, there are various Bulk SMS Service providers around the globe. The reality is that there is a need to be sure of the provider you sign up with, in order not to lose your money as a result of failed delivery and other irregularities. I recommend you check out Lakpromo. This Voice Sms Message service provider resides in Sri Lanka, remain one of the best, reliable and most efficient voice SMS provider around the world. They have many clients whom can attest to their efficient and reliable service over the years.

Why You Should Use Lakpromo

There are various reasons why you should use Lakpromo has your bulk SMS provider. The following are some of the reasons, though not limited to the following

  • They guarantee Quality Of Service across board
  • They offer an Affordable Service
  • They are reliable and credible Company to trust
  • They have a superb and responsive customer Support system
  • They engage in effective service delivery
  • With the above reasons and many more, Lakpromo can guarantee you a proficient bulk SMS service delivery.

    Our Key Features/ OUR Services

    We offer you voice messaging system like never before. Our services are top-notch among others. We offer the following voice messaging features the following:

    Send Voice Message in your own language

    With a single click on the send button, a voice SMS is transformed to recipient desire language.

    Send Voice Message in your own language

    With over 900 worldwide network carriers, we can guarantee you a speedy and effective delivery of your voice SMS within seconds, with hiccups.

    We Offer Bulk voice calls

    We offer Bulk voice calls for our valued customers around the world. We ensure their pre-recorded voice messages are transmitted to several telephone numbers within seconds just by a single click of the send button in a language familiar to the recipient. Voice broadcast software enables this to take place, this has huge benefits on individuals and corporate organization around the world.

    All Sri Lanka Land phone/Mobile Flat Price

    We offer flat price rate to all Sri Lanka mobile or landline numbers with fast delivery.

    Upload Mp3 Wav Files:

    Using our voice and SMS service, you can rest assured that you’re Mp3 and Wav files upload will be successfully delivered to the target audience.

    Upload Bulk Contacts:

    You have the ability to upload bulk contact. Also will allow bulk voice and SMS delivery. You can send up to 1000 voice SMS per seconds.

    No Agent, No Dialler Needed

    You don’t need an agent or dialler in using our voice call service. Its already done for.it is automatic. All you need do is to let us know the package that suits your budget.

    All Sri Lanka Land phone/Mobile Flat Price

    We offer flat price rate to all Sri Lanka mobile or landline numbers with fast delivery.

    Rich & Easy to Use Control Panel

    Our control panel is easy to use. It is self-explanatory. Control Panel Is Rich & Easy to Use

    Fully Automated System

    Our service is fully automated, in other words, you don’t need a third party or agent to carry out the No Agent, No Dialler Needed assignment. Automatic dialler is always available to aid you.

    We offer Voice and SMS service

    We offer various voice call service for your target audience. Our messages are sent in your preferred language. Our voice and SMS service goes beyond Sri Lanka, it's all over the world. With our database of over 900 global carriers, we can guarantee fast and effective delivery of your SMS within seconds.

    Call Scheduling Facility

    Our voice SMS service enables you to plan and schedule calls anywhere in the world.

    Don’t Limit Yourself

    Don’t limit yourself and business to only a single language. Let's create and deliver a message for you in different languages of your choice. Our system is automated to see this objective though.

    Increase Customer Engagement

    Engage your global customers with our voice call services, by personalizing your target promotion

    Increase User experience

    Alert your client with vital information related to their business at an affordable price.

    Global Connection

    Connect with millions of people globally with our voice messaging service at an affordable rate.

    Fast Delivery

    We are the most trusted and most reliable bulk sms service provider that can deliver your voice sms within seconds.

    Speedy Rate

    Reach your customer worldwide through a single API and enjoy continuous voice call service at a speedy rate.

    Reliable Delivery

    Our service delivery system guarantees superior performance and good credibility. We have over 900 carriers around the world with swift delivery.

    Affordable Price

    Reach Global clients faster: Make your worldwide message delivery faster and more efficient with an avoidable price rate

    Effective Lead Generation

    Make your lead generation count without paying an outrageous amount to get a result.

    Fast Reminder

    Allow us at Lakpromo to send your voice call reminders and notifications to your recipient around the world

    Engagement of Audience

    Are you finding it difficult to engage your audience? Use our voice call service today and see a dramatic change in your business.

    Quick Business Turn around

    We are here just for you, to bring about that desire change you yearn for, in your business and career through our bulk messaging system.

    Service All Purpose

    Are you a politician, a business owner, individual, students or a newbie, come let's take your business to a global level.